The intermodal operator TP Nova has included a new freight service between Madrid and Perpignan (France), with a transfer in its route at Can Tunis terminal in Barcelona. Operations of the first stage started on June 1 on the Iberian gauge section, between Madrid-Abroñigal terminal and Barcelona, with a starting frequency of two weekly trains. Trains transfer at Can Tunis, and at this intermodal terminal goods are transhipped to another Renfe train that runs on standard gauge.

According to the plans, the goal is to add a third weekly connection from September onwards, while also completing the UIC gauge connection with the Saint Charles terminal in Perpignan via the international section managed by LFP Perthus. On both corridors traction and rolling stock are the responsibility of Renfe Mercancías.

Trains operated by TP Nova are made up of 60 and 90 feet wagons with space equivalent to 42 containers. They are multi client compositions to provide service for different types of goods, with the capacity to carry from 20 feet containers to 45 feet swap bodies, in addition to tankers.